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Victron SmartShunt 500A/50mV

The Smart Battery Shunt

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Victron Smartshunt 500A / 50mV

designed for Boat, Caravan, RV, Motor home, industrye

The SmartShunt is an all in one battery monitor, only without a display. Your phone acts as the display. The SmartShunt connects via Bluetooth to the VictronConnect App on your phone (or tablet) and you can conveniently read out all monitored battery parameters, like state of charge, time to go, historical information and much more.

Alternatively the SmartShunt can be connected and be read by a GX device. Connection to the SmartShunt is made via a VE.Direct cable.  
Compatible GX devices are for example the Color Control GX or the Venus GX

The SmartShunt is a good alternative for a BMV battery monitor, especially for systems where battery monitoring is needed but less wiring and clutter is wanted.
It is equipped with Bluetooth, a VE.Direct port and a connection that can be used for: monitoring a second battery, midpoint monitoring or a temperature sensor

Differences compared to BMV712 Battery Monitor:

  • No programmable visual and audible alarm. 
  • No programmable relay.
  • No display.


  • optional Temperature sensor BTS-702 ( Victron ASS000100000 )

What is in the box:

  • Smartshunt 500A, Victron SHU050150050
  • Two cables with 1A fuse, for ‘+’ connection and starter battery or midpoint connection


  • Supply voltage range: 6,5 - 70V DC
  • Current: max. 500A
  • Current draw: <1mA
  • Input voltage range auxiliary battery: 6,5 - 70V DC
  • Battery capacity (Ah): 1 - 9999AH
  • Operating temperature range: -40 +50°C (-40 – 120 °F)
  • Measures voltage of second battery, ot temparature, or midpoint: yes
  • Temperature measurement range: -20 +50°C
  • communication port: yes


  • Current: ± 0.1A 
  • Voltage: ± 0.01V
  • Amp hours: ± 0.1 Ah
  • State of charge (0-100%): ± 0.1 %
  • Time to go: ± 1 min
  • Temperature(if optional temperature sensor connected): ± 1 °C/ °F(0 -50 °C oder 30 -120 °F)
  • Accuracy of current measurement: ± 0,4%
  • Offset: weniger als 20mA
  • Accuracy of voltage measurement: ± 0.3%


  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 46 x 120 x 54mm
  • Protection category: IP20


  • Safety: EN 60335-1
  • Emission / Immunity: EN-IEC 61000-6-1 EN-IEC 61000-6-2EN-IEC 61000-6-3
  • Automotive: EN 50498
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