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B2B Charger Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12V to12V , 30A, isolated

Smart, configurable via Bluetooth

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Victron B2B Booster 12V-12V, 30A isolated

configurable via Smartphone oder Tablet

konstruiert für Wohnmobil, Boot, Yacht, Caravan, Industrie

The Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger can be used as a power supply or as a battery charger. In charger mode the three-state charge algorithm will increase battery life by properly charging the battery. Especially in the case of vehicles with a smart alternator, or voltage drop caused by long cable runs, controlled charging is indispensable. Controlled charging will also protect the alternator in lithium systems where direct charging can overload the alternator due to the low impedance of the lithium battery. In fixed output mode the output voltage will remain stable independent of the applied load or varying input voltage (within the specified range).

The Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger can be set up to only provide power when the engine is running. This is possible thanks to the built-in engine shutdown detection. This also prevents the onboard voltage of the vehicle from becoming too low. It is not necessary to intervene in the system of the vehicle, to install a separate motor run sensor or to intervene in the CAN-bus system. Apart from this detection, the Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Isolated can also be activated by a forced allowed to charge feature, e.g. connected to the ignition switch.

Smart alternator compatibility
Vehicle manufacturers are now introducing smart ECU (Engine Control Unit) controlled alternators to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Smart alternators deliver a variable output voltage and are shut down when they’re not needed. The converter has an engine running detection mechanism. This prevents the converter from discharging the starter battery when the alternator does not supply power. See section 5 of  manual for more details.

Separation of the starter battery and the service battery
The Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Non-Isolated separates the starter battery from the service battery when the engine is not running.

Extensive electronic protection
Over-temperature protection and power derating when temperature is high.
• Overload protected.
• Short circuit protected.
• Connector over-temperature protection.

Adaptive three step charging
The Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Non-Isolated is configured for a three-step charging process: Bulk – Absorption – Float.
During this stage the controller delivers as much charge current as possible to rapidly recharge the batteries.
When the battery voltage reaches the absorption voltage setting, the controller switches to constant voltage mode. For lead acid batteries it is important that during shallow discharges the absorption time is kept short in order to prevent overcharging of the battery. After a deep discharge the absorption time is automatically increased to make sure that the battery is completely recharged. For lithium batteries absorption time is fixed, default 2 hours. The fixed or adaptive mode can be chosen on the battery settings.
During this stage, float voltage is applied to the battery to maintain it in a fully charged state. When the battery voltage drops
substantially below this level, due to a high load for example, during at least 1 minute, a new charge cycle will be triggered.

Flexible charge algorithm
Programmable charge algorithm, and eight preprogrammed battery settings. Configurable with VictronConnect.

Adaptive absorption time
Automatically calculates the proper absorption time. Configurable with VictronConnect.

Configuring and monitoring
Bluetooth Smart built-in: the wireless solution to set-up, monitor and update the controller using Apple and Android smartphones, tablets or other devices. Several parameters can be customized with the VictronConnect App.
The VictronConnect App can be downloaded from:
Use the VictronConnect manual - to get the most out of the VictronConnect App when it’s connected to an Orion Smart.

Input voltage lock-out
Shutdown if the input voltage drops below the lock-out value and restart when the input voltage increases above the restart value. Configurable with VictronConnect.

Remote on-off
Use the remote function to enable and disable the converter remotely with the remote on/off connector or using the VictronConnect App. Typical use cases include a user operated hard wired switch and automatic control by for example a Battery Management System.

Delivery contains:

  • Victron Orion TR Smart 12-12V 30A DC-DC charger / B2B Booster, isolated,
    Part No: ORI121236120

Technical Details:

  • Input voltage range (1): 10-17V
  • Under voltage shut down : 7V
  • Under voltage restart: 7,5V
  • Nominal output voltage : 12,2V
  • Output voltage adjust range: 10-15V
  • Output voltage tolerance: +/- 0,2V
  • Output noise : 2mV rms
  • Cont. output current at nominal output voltage and 40°C: 30A
  • Maximum output current (10s) at nominal output voltage: 40A
  • Short circuit output current: 60A
  • Cont. output power at 25°C : 430W
  • Cont. output power at 40°C: 360W
  • Efficiency : 87%
  • No load input current : <80mA
  • Standby current: <1mA
  • Galvanic isolation: 200 VDC between input, output and case
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +55°C (derate 3% per °C above 40°C)
  • Humidity: Max. 95 % non-condensing
  • DC connection: Screw terminals
  • Maximum cable cross-section: 16mm² (AWG6)
  • Weight: 1,8kg
  • Dimensions hxwxd: 130 x 186 x 70 mm (5,1 x 7,3 x 4,0′′)
  • Protection category: IP43 (electronic components), IP22 (connection area)


  • Safety: EN 60950
  • Emission: EN 61000-6-3, EN 55014-1
  • Immunity: EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-1, EN 55014-2
  • Automotive Directive: ECE R10-5


1) If set to nominal or lower than nominal, the output voltage will remain stable within the specified input voltage range (buck-boost function). If the output voltage is set higher than nominal by a certain percentage, the minimum input voltage at which the output voltage remains stable (does not decrease) increases by the same percentage.
Note 1: The VictronConnect App will not display current in or current out.
Note 2: The Orion-Tr Smart is not equipped with a VE.Direct port.

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