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Replacement Kit IUoU Battery Charger 12 Volt 12A + 2A / Westfalia, James Cook, VW T4 / Ford Nugget / California Camping-Bus

PE 2169/00, PE 2169/01 or PE 2169/02, James Cook Model 282025345111, Van Conversion 982025345111

Item number BLG14M12V

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Automatic charger 12A + 2A with IUoU charging characteristic curve

3-stage charger with two charging outputs for charging the supply battery and starter battery

Replacement kit for Westfalia, James Cook, VW T4, Ford Nugget, California camping bus
for the original Philips / Westfalia charger PE 2169/00, PE 2169/01 or PE 2169/02,
James Cook Model 282025345111, Van Conversion 982025345111

The charger BLG14M12V is an exchange kit / direct replacement for the above mentioned chargers. The connections fit exactly to the existing connectors in the vehicle, so that a replacement is easy. The existing temperature sensor in the vehicle for the old charger must be replaced with a new temperature sensor (included), again the connectors are 1:1 compatible. 


  • Battery charging mode: 3-stage charging profiles for lead GEL , AGM and LiFePO4 batteries.
  • Charging output 12A for board battery
  • Charge output 2A for starter battery
  • Selection of battery type via slide switch
  • Selection of trickle charge voltage via slide switch
  • Signal output for mains plug symbol in central panel for shore power connection
  • No integrated fan

The charger was specifically designed for today's requirements in the motor vehicle and camping sector. Two charging outputs enable simultaneous charging of the consumer battery and the starter battery. If your previous charger does not have a separate charging output for the starter battery, this can remain unused. Alternatively, you can of course wire it to the starter battery and thus also recharge the starter battery when connected to shore power. The charging output for the starter battery is limited to 13.8V and max. 2A;

The three-stage IUoU charging characteristic at the charging output for the supply battery can be adjusted for charging closed lead-acid batteries, GEL, AGM and lithium batteries by means of a changeover switch. The IUoU charging enables a fast, complete and gentle charging of the batteries. This charging characteristic achieves an optimum charging result which can significantly extend the service life of the batteries.
The charger can remain permanently connected to the batteries. When the charger is connected and switched on, the trickle charge ensures that the batteries remain charged even if they are not used for some time.

Simultaneously charging the batteries and supplying the connected loads
When connected to the mains, all consumers connected to the batteries are supplied by the charger, and at the same time the batteries are charged with the charging current still available.

Wide input voltage range and operation on AC generators
The modern switching power supply technology allows the unit to operate at full rated power even at reduced mains voltages. The charger has a wide range voltage input of 115V AC ±10%V and 230V AC ±10%. This usually allows unrestricted operation on shore power connections or generators.

External connections and easy mounting
The external connections facilitate the safe connection of all cables even in unfavourable or confined spaces. Accessories for installation - such as mains connection cables and a new battery temperature sensor are of course included. Laterally integrated mounting brackets enable quick wall or floor mounting.

Temperature-compensated charging characteristic
The temperature sensor supplied ensures that the maximum charging voltage of the charger is reduced as the battery temperature rises, in order to prevent overcharging of the battery. At low temperatures, on the other hand, the charging voltage is increased to fully charge the battery. In Lithium charging mode, the sensor has no function. The temperature sensor (encapsulated in a ring eyelet M10) is attached to the negative pole of the battery and the plug at the other end of the cable is connected to the connection cable for the old temperature sensor. The use of the new temperature sensor is mandatory!

Fanless operation
The unit is designed for conventional cooling without a fan. This ensures noiseless operation of the charger. A built-in temperature monitor protects the unit from overload and overtemperature. 

Scope of delivery:

  • Replacement Kit / IUoU Charger BLG14M12V.
  • 1 x Battery temperature sensor cable (1 metre)
  • AC connection cable, length 1.5m
  • Of course you will also receive an instruction manual in German from us.

You will find further helpful tips on installation under the following link: FAQ page

  • Battery system voltage: 12V
  • Charging current main output: 12A
  • Charging current secondary output (starter battery): 2A
  • Charging characteristic: IUoU 
  • rec. Battery capacity at main output: 50-200Ah (WET, GEL, AGM), 40-500Ah LiFePO4
  • Input voltage range: 115V AC ±10% and 230V AC ±10%, switchable
  • Frequency: 45-65Hz
  • Current consumption @230V in charging profile High: max. 1.8A
  • Efficiency @230V in charging profile High: ~86%.
  • Current consumption no-load: 150mA
  • Residual ripple: 100mV
  • Final charging voltage at main output in position:
    • Charging profile Lo: 14.4V ±0.1V
    • Charging profile LiFePO4: 14.4V ±0.1V
    • Charging profile High: 14,7V ±0,1V
  • Float charge voltage: adjustable in all charge profiles, 13.2V, 13.5V, 13.8V 
  • Constant voltage secondary output (starter battery): 13.8V ±0.1V
  • Cooling: conventional cooling without fan 
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C 
  • Housing material: Aluminium 
  • Weight: 1.6kg (without packaging) 
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 215 x 126 x 65mm
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