The Guidebook for motorhome, boat and home systems

Whether summer or winter, hot beach on the Mediterranean coast or cool forest in Scandinavia, a weekend trip or a round trip of several months: With the motorhome everything is possible! Do you go out, as often as possible, with your mobile home and look for an idyllic pitch? Or is a vacation at your favorite campground the highlight of the year for you, something you look forward to long in advance? No matter how, whether you are a newcomer to motorhomes or an experienced camper fan, questions always arise whose competent answers are important for safety, comfort and, last but not least, for the enjoyment of and with your caravan.

The field of boat electronics has many parallels to camper electronics, so we can project our knowledge here and share it with you. Self-sufficient boating: no problem with FraRon's guidebook, products and personal advice!

We were able to expand our product range in 2022 with the home systems division. We have expanded our wealth of experience and are now putting our technical knowledge into the self-sufficient future.

Current guidebook topics

When we advise our customers, similar concerns often come up. In our online store, we not only offer you products for motorhomes, boats and home systems, but we also know a lot about them. Therefore, we have bundled our knowledge and packed it into our guidebook. We are happy to pass on our tried-and-tested knowledge and tips and therefore always publish new articles, so it's worth taking a look regularly. Browse through the various topics now.

Reading time: 5:14 min

Many dream of a mobile living space with which they can explore different places and live in a certain degree of self-sufficiency - whether on vacation or even throughout the year. Finding a mobile home that meets your needs and adapts to all your needs, ...

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Reading time: 4:48 min

Charge boosters effectively supply the on-board battery in the motor home, also called on-board battery, secondary battery or supply battery, with energy. That sounds good - but when do you really need them? You are the proud owner of a motorhome, campervan or camping bus ...

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Reading time: 10:27 min

Laptop, smartphone, refrigerator and lighting - today's motorhome travelers depend on a reliable power supply to operate and charge their electrical devices. But globetrotters don't always want to spend the night at campsites ...

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Reading time: 4:36 min

As standard, motorhomes and caravans are designed to use battery power for the on-board electrical system. In the truck or expedition vehicle is usually a circuit of 24 volts, other vehicles have only a 12 V circuit. To operate everyday 230V household appliances on tour ...

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Reading time: 6:29 min

For campers, vacationing in a motorhome is the perfect way to relax. Out into nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the requests of fellow human beings. We do not like to do without a certain degree of luxury. Therefore, every motorhome needs a power supply. But quickly the layman feels ...

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Reading time: 5:23 min

Which solar system is the right one for the motor home? You are standing with your motorhome at the edge of the forest, looking out over the small lake and listening to the birds chirping. Behind you, the coffee machine is working and soft melodies sound from the radio. To enjoy the comfort you are used to ...

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Reading time: 8:45 min

Whether you are starting your vacation with your new motorhome for the first time or have been an avid caravanning fan for decades: Before you set off, the same question always arises: Is anything missing? There is a legitimate concern behind this: A tablecloth left at home is not the end of the world ...

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Reading time: 3:44 min

Those who love traveling by motorhome appreciate above all the infinite freedom: you drive when and where you want, simply stop where you like, and are very close to nature and people on vacation. The only thing that can take away your enjoyment is an empty tank. To prevent this from happening, you should ...

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