Battery charger 24 V: Efficiently charge batteries in the motorhome or boat.

If your motorhome or boat is equipped with a 24 V circuit, you cannot simply connect it to shore power using any charger. You need a battery charger with 24 V for this, otherwise the required charging voltage cannot be achieved. To be able to charge the energy reserves on a pitch, there are


various 24 V battery chargers. What they all have in common is the most important task of the chargers: to fully charge the battery/s with the charging characteristic curve matched to the battery type and to bring it into trickle charge via the various charging stages. Here in FraRon's online store, you will find models that deliver between 5 and 60 A of charging current. Basically, the higher the charging current, the faster a battery is fully charged. However, you must follow the usual rules in the design of the charging currents, matched to the battery / batteries to be charged.

Longer RV battery life with the right charger!

Have you already found that it is impossible to fully charge the battery in your motorhome? Unless there is a defect in the battery or a battery cable, the poor condition is most likely related to the factory installed 24 V battery charger. If it does not match the energy storage device, does not reach the necessary charging voltage and the charging characteristic curve is not correct, the full capacity simply cannot be established. That is why we recommend a 24 V battery charger that takes into account the final voltage of your supply battery. This not only allows you to charge the on-board battery faster and completely. The modern charging technology also has a positive effect on the life expectancy of the battery.†

Buy battery chargers with 24 V online at FraRon.

In our online store, we offer battery chargers with 24 V of our own brand FraRon, which we have designed based on our many years of experience with motorhome electronics. They have the IUoU charging characteristic and some have two or more charging outputs. This allows you to charge several separate battery banks at the same time if required, for example starter and supply battery. You can leave the 24 V battery charger permanently connected to the batteries, as it ensures that they remain fully charged via trickle charging.

Victron Energy's 24 V battery chargers also charge using the IUoU charging characteristic, achieving up to 95 percent efficiency. To monitor the battery status, you can pair the charger (Smart) with your smartphone via Bluetooth and install the Victron Connect app. The Blue Power technology also detects deeply discharged batteries and attempts to charge them with low current. As soon as sufficient voltage is present, the normal charging process follows. With a high-quality battery charger for 24 V, it is thus possible to recharge a deeply discharged battery ñ of course only if this is done immediately after the deep discharge.

Why is the IUoU charging characteristic important?

All modern 24 V battery chargers apply the IUoU charging method. Battery-to-battery charge boosters are also equipped with it. The technology detects when the battery's nominal voltage has been reached, i.e. when the battery is full. It then switches to trickle charging so that only low charging currents flowflen, which counteract the self-discharge of the energy storage device. This process is gentle on batteries and prevents 'overcharging. The effect on the battery is positive, because the charging process, which is precisely matched to the charging voltage, extends its service life. In addition, the IUoU charging characteristic is considered to be particularly safe, as the temperature monitoring prevents the battery from overheating and being damaged.

Which 24 V battery charger fits my battery?

Are you looking for a charger suitable for AGM supply batteries or GEL supply batteries and are unsure which product to choose? We make your decision easy, because all battery chargers with 24 V fit all battery types. Regulators or slide switches are attached to the devices, with which you can easily set the type of your battery. This is important because the charging voltages differ. If the wrong battery type is selected, the battery will not charge fully, it will be overcharged and damaged. If you have any questions about charging technology in your motorhome, we will be happy to help. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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