Current calculation tool - how much current draws my inverter / load from the battery?

This tool is designed to convert the rated power of the inverter / load (Watt) in the current draw (Ampere) from the battery. It can of course be used for other applications, eg if you want to know how much current draws a 500W heater from a 12V battery.


  • Battery system voltage: select which battery system is available, 12V or 24V
  • Slider nominal power: set the slider to nominal power of inverter / load
  • Result: shows the current consumption of the inverter / load from the battery in (A) ampere

Cable cross-section calculation tool - which cable cross section is the right one?

One of the most common causes of malfunction of inverters, battery chargers, DC-DC converters is the weak designed cabling. This creates too much of  voltage drop on the cable, which cause malfunction and constitutes a danger situation, because the voltage loss goes up in heat.


  • Slider cable length: set the slider to the needed single cable length
  • Slider nominal current: set the slider to nominal current of inverter / charger / load
  • Battery system voltage: select which battery system is available, 12V, 24V or 48V
  • Required cable cross section: shows the necessary cable cross section
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The value displayed in the field "Result" is a purely informative - to the max. tolerated voltage drop of 2% of the battery voltage related - calculation. This value does not take into account the gradation of the available cable sizes (8mm², 14mm ², 22mm ², 33mm ², 42mm ², 54mm ², 70mm ², 95mm ² and 108mm ²) and also not the max. Ampacity of each cable cross-sections! These factors are only included in the field "Required cable cross section", which reflects the necessary cable cross-section.

Legal note:
The information provided on this page for cable cross-sections and ampacities are only valid for our "SGX" type battery cable. When using other battery cable type, the mentioned cable cross-sections and ampacities can not be applied. We undertake no liability for the statements made here, this merely constitutes a guideline only. For questions please contact us.

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