DC-DC converter 12V to 12V

converter 12V to 12V are used to connect sensitive consumers to the 12V on-board battery. The DC/DC converter stabilises the output voltage to 12 volts, even if the input voltage of the battery fluctuates in the range of 12 volts. If the motorhome battery should ever give off 11 or 13 volts DC-DC-converter ensures that the electrical that the electrical 12V converters are always supplied with a constant 12 volts. Another advantage is the ability to adjust the output voltage: This can be set in the range from 10 to 15V DC via a potentiometer. Converter 12V to 12V This enables the operation of some devices such as televisions, DVD players or loudspeakers that cannot cope with the fluctuating voltage of the vehicle electrical system. voltage.

Constant DC voltage with voltage converter 12V to 12V

The Voltage converters 12V to 12V are like an electrical circuit, as they stabilise the supplied voltage to a constant value. voltage to a DC voltage with a constant value. This works for both higher and lower voltage levels. All 12V to 12V voltage converters have galvanic isolation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We are also happy to support you with installation.

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