Charging booster for motorhomes: Keeping the supply battery full

Charging the on-board battery quickly and efficiently is a priority in the motorhome, because nothing is more annoying than a mute radio or a warm fridge because no more current is flowing. Normally, the supply battery is charged by the alternator while driving. But in modern vehicles, it switches off or throttles back every now and then. In addition, the alternator orients itself to the charge level of the starter battery, and

This means that the on-board battery cannot be fully charged - and you may be left in the dark in the evening. To prevent this from happening, the experts at FraRon recommend a charge booster for your motorhome. Here on this page you can find out everything you need to know about charge converters!

What is a charge booster?

Ladebooster für Wohnmobile sind Batterie-zu-Batterie-Ladegeräte. Auch die Bezeichnung Ladewandler ist korrekt. Das Gerät wird in den Stromkreis zwischen Starter- und Versorgungsbatterie geschaltet. Der Booster stellt für die Lichtmaschine einen Verbraucher dar, der solange mit Strom versorgt wird, wie er ihn anfordert. Nur so ist eine vollständige Aufladung der Aufbaubatterien in modernen Fahrzeugen noch realisierbar. Es gibt zwei Varianten: Ladebooster mit IUoU-Kennlinie und mit Festspannung. Die Modelle mit fester Spannung laden die Batterie konstant auf, was allerdings bei langen Fahrten zu einer überladung führen kann. Deshalb sind sie nicht mehr zeitgemäß. Moderne Ladebooster wenden das IUoU-Ladeverfahren an: Beginnend mit der ersten Ladephase der Hauptladung, schaltet das Gerät nach Erreichen der Ladeschluss-Spannung in die Zwischenladephase um. In dieser Phase erreicht die Batterie ihre nominale Kapazität. Danach schaltet das Gerät auf Erhaltungsladung, hält die Batterie voll und wirkt der

How does the charge booster work in the motorhome?

The task of the charge booster in the motorhome is to ensure that the supply battery is charged even if the starter battery has already reached its full capacity. To do this, it is installed in the circuit between the two batteries. As a result, the current flows while the engine is running until the on-board battery is full. In the process, the device also regulates the input voltage up to the charge voltage of the supply battery, which charges it faster and more effectively. Modern charge boosters can work equally well with lead-acid, GEL and AGM batteries. Lithium batteries require special settings, so when buying, pay attention to the product description to find the right charge booster for your motorhome.

Is it worth buying?

Charge boosters are indispensable, especially for modern motorhomes that comply with the Euro 5 or 6 emission standard. This is because the engine management system regulates the alternator in these vehicles down to less than 14 volts at an early stage, which prevents the supply battery from being fully charged. Once the capacity of the starting battery is reached, the consumers fall by the wayside. If you want to fully charge the on-board battery(ies) in the motorhome while driving, it is definitely worth buying a charge booster. In addition, you should make sure that the battery cables are sufficiently dimensioned. This is because the charging voltage falls through the resistance in the cable. Long and thin supply cables therefore lead to a significant loss of voltage. Although the booster can detect this to a certain extent via its sense lines and adjust the voltage values, losses should generally be avoided.

Installation tips

The charge booster must be installed in the wiring harness between the starter battery and the on-board battery and connected to the D+ signal of the alternator. If you lack knowledge about the electrical system in the vehicle or are unsure which cables to use, simply use our installation service and benefit from our comprehensive advice!

FAQ: Questions and answers about the charge booster in the motorhome

Why won't my on-board battery be full without a charge booster?

The alternator is only oriented towards the starter battery and switches off prematurely. As a result, the on-board battery is not charged any further, even if it is far from full.

When do I need a charge booster for my motorhome?

Is your travel behaviour such that you usually stay in one place for one or two days, then travel to the next place and want to refill the energy storage during the driving time? Then a charge booster is indispensable, as it accelerates and optimises the charging process of the on-board battery.

Is it important that the charge booster works with IUoU characteristic?

Yes, we recommend only using charge boosters for the motorhome with IUoU charging method. This is the only way to ensure the prescribed charging and thus the service life of the supply batteries.

FraRon - Your expert for motorhome charge boosters

The charge booster is a battery-to-battery charger that works with a voltage of 12 volts DC instead of 230 volts AC. A motorhome charge booster performs the same function for the alternator as a consumer when it is integrated in the circuit between the starter battery and the supply battery. This causes the current to flow while the engine is running until the on-board battery has reached its full capacity. The experts at FraRon specialise in mobile power supply and offer you a wide range of high-quality charge boosters with IUoU characteristics. This protects against overcharging and ensures that the battery is reliably kept charged during long journeys.

Charging boosters in the motorhome: what to look out for when buying one

Not every charge booster is suitable for every motorhome. While lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries are compatible with most modern charge boosters, some lithium batteries have special requirements and need a special design/adjustment of the motorhome charge booster. Another basic rule is: use short and thick cables. The charging voltage decreases on the way to the battery due to the resistance in the cable - the longer and thinner the cable, the more noticeable the voltage loss. Do you have any questions about the high-quality charge bo oster or do you need help finding the right device for your motorhome? We will be happy to help you. Call us or send us an e-mail. We can also install the new charge bo oster for you on request.

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