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We were able to expand our product range in 2022 with the home storage segment. We have expanded our wealth of experience and are now putting our technical knowledge into the self-sufficient future. Read here everything you need to know about home storage at FraRon. You are welcome to contact us about your personal system. We will advise you individually and competently.


Effective use of self-generated electricity.

The topic of renewable energies is becoming increasingly important. More and more people are paying attention to how their electricity is generated. Homeowners can take the whole thing into their own hands. The majority rely on solar modules, where the electricity is generated by sunlight. With a suitable home storage system, you can store the green electricity generated and use it yourself when you need it. This is good for the environment and, in the face of rising electricity prices, just as good for your wallet. Existing grid-connected systems can also be easily converted into a home storage system.


What does a home storage system at FraRon consist of?

Solar modules

Through monocrystalline solar modules with high power output, you generate your own solar power.


Store solar power and use it yourself when you need it. Regardless of the time of day and weather conditions.


In the event of a power failure, the MultiPlus-II takes over the supply of the connected loads.


Cerbo GX, touch display for monitoring, wall housing, cables and much more.


Most of the time the sun shines when you are not at home.

Becoming completely independent of grid power is not that easy. A well-designed solar system on the roof ensures the supply of solar power. The catch is that periods of maximum power generation and peak consumption do not coincide. During the day, excess solar-generated electricity is fed into the grid, while grid electricity is purchased in the morning and evening. The once high feed-in tariff has fallen, and the fee is significantly lower than the electricity price from the utility. With a home storage system, this doesn't have to be the case. You can store the electricity you generate yourself to use later. And when you need it.


Home storage systems guarantee stable electricity prices in the long term.

The rising cost of electricity is making home storage increasingly attractive. Other reasons for the purchase are also the desire to do something for the environment and the increasing fear of power outages. Independence and the pursuit of self-sufficiency are becoming increasingly important. 

Investing in a storage system is also economically worthwhile. True: a PV system without storage pays for itself more quickly, but the combination with a home storage system ensures stable electricity prices in the long term. The increasing demand for electricity must also be included in the topic. In times of electromobility and alternative heating systems such as a heat pump, we consume more electricity than we did ten years ago. The lower the proportion of electricity that has to be purchased from the energy supplier, the lower the household's energy costs will be.

Get an offer now!

We will be happy to advise you on your individual home storage system. Tell us your plans. We will make you a non-binding offer, perfectly tailored to your needs. Send us your inquiry here or simply contact us by phone at +49 (0)6024 6341561. We are happy to be there for you!


How do I lay out the right system for me?

This question can not be answered in a general way, because each home installation must take into account various factors that make the planning absolutely individual. In general, you first need to be aware of your habits. Are you at home during the day or only in the evening? Do you possibly work in a home office or does the washing machine run all day? What do you want to supply with your system?

In a personal discussion with our staff, we can take your personal requirements into account and make you a tailor-made offer accordingly. Feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or visit us at our location in Schöllkrippen. We are here for you.


How much does a home storage system cost?

The costs depend on the design of your system. The main cost factor is the storage capacity, which should fit the size of the photovoltaic system and the consumption. Generally, systems are within a price range of €3,000 to €30,000. To keep costs as low as possible, you should customize your home storage system to your individual needs.


Since 1.1.2023, the zero tax rate applies to PV systems, home storage and balcony power plants. So don't hesitate and save the 19% VAT when buying your home storage system. For more info on the zero tax rate, click here.

In addition, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the subsidy options in your state or county before making your purchase.


Here's what your home storage system could look like.

High performance lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) solar storage system 48V - 5kWh. More than 6,000 cycles make the product extremely durable even with regular deep discharge. 19 inch format with integrated BMS.

Victron MultiPlus II / 48V / 5000VA sine / 70A charger / 50A mains switchover

Parallel and 3-phase operation possible, so the inverter system can be easily adapted to your energy needs and grow future-proof. Whether it is a grid-connected - optimized for self-consumption - or a stand-alone system or backup solution, with the Victron MultiPlus II you have made the right choice for all projects. The device also has a built-in anti-islanding function and has approval for an ESS application for Germany and other countries.

410Wp solar panel from Ja Solar JAM54S30-410/MR, monocrystalline, black frame

The half-cell configuration of the modules equipped with 11BB Perc Cells offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature-dependent performance, reduced shadowing effect on power generation, lower risk of hot spots, and improved tolerance to mechanical stress.

MPPT solar charge controller 100A for 48V battery systems, max. input 450V DC, SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100-Tr

The SmartSolar MPPT RS solar charge controllers are Victron's solution for systems with large series-connected PV arrays charging 48 VDC battery banks. This product is perfect for large off-grid and grid-connected battery systems. Features include a wide 80-450VDC solar voltage input, independent MPPT tracking inputs and full connectivity.

Victron Cerbo GX communication center and system monitoring

The Cerbo GX serves an infinite number of purposes. This all-new communication hub gives you perfect control over your system wherever you are and maximizes its performance. Simply connect via the VRM portal or access the VictronConnect app directly via the separate GX Touch thanks to the added Bluetooth capability.

7 inch system display Victron GX Touch 70 for Cerbo GX

The GX Touch 70 is a touch screen for the Victron Cerbo GX. The seven inch touch screen monitor provides an instant overview of your Victron system and allows you to adjust settings in an instant. It is simply connected to the Cerbo GX with a cable.

That was not all! Whether cables or housings for the storage tanks, we offer a wide range of other accessories for your home storage tank system. Click through our assortment now.

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How can I store my storage?

Depending on the size of your system, you can opt for a wall-mounted housing for two storage tanks or a storage cabinet for a maximum of six storage tanks. This way, your storage tanks are safely stowed away and the cables are visually hidden.


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