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Alternator to Battery Charger 12V / 160A, Pro Alt C, A2B charger, Sterling AB12160

for 12V alternators up to 160A. Charge your batteries over 5 times faster.

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Alternator to Battery Charger 12V / 160A, Pro Alt C

for 12V alternators up to 160A

Camper home, Boat, Camping, Outdoor, Caravan, RV,

The Alternator to Battery charger (A2B) connects very simply to an existing alternator(s) and provides extremely fast and effective charge to the domestic/house bank (5+ times faster than a stand alone alternator). The A2B achieves this performance by pulling down the voltage on the alternator by putting a ‘load’ on it. This low voltage (at high current) is amplified to a 4 stage charging profile at the domestic bank. Due to the A2B’s internal splitting system there is the option to charge the starter battery too. The starter does not get advanced charging, it simply gets a sufficient maintenance charge.

Over 5 times faster charging
This charger optimizes the available output of the alternator and converts it to mimic that of a mains driven 4 stage battery charger. Consequently your batteries will charge faster resulting in less engine hours and a reduction in fuel used. This charger can therefore, pay for itself within a matter of weeks.

Starter bank and domestic bank charger
This charger has an intelligent integral splitting system. The output is split to the starter bank and to the domestic / house bank. Domestic receives advanced charging.

Quick and Easy Installation
This charger is effective, simple and fast to install. It transforms the output of the alternator into a sophisticated multistage
charger resulting in faster and more complete charging of your house / domestic battery bank.

Multiple charging profiles
Chargers have AGM, Gel, Flooded lead acid, sealed lead acid

No alternator modification required
The charger is fitted between the alternator and battery(s) and, unlike conventional regulators, requires no modification or
interference with the alternator whatsoever. This saves on time and bypasses any engine management systems (ECU) or warranty issues.

Multiple alternator inputs
Numerous alternators can be fed to the input of the charger provided the total current rating does not exceed the charger’s rating.
E.g. 400A A2B charger (AB12400) can handle 4 x 100A alternators.

Battery and alternator temperature sensing
The chargers disengage the unit in the event of the alternator temperature getting too high, it then re-engages the unit when the alternator cools down. The same thing happens when the batteries get too hot.

Additional features:
1) Battery sensor. When DC cables are long a voltage drop can be induced across it. There is a connector which allows for the
compensation of this drop.
2) Ignition start. Some alternators require a voltage on the alternator to start up. There is a built in device to overcome this problem in the event of such an alternator type being used.
3) The optional remote control. This offers full set-up information, plus voltages and temperatures of all the relevant places, as per the digital alternator regulator. Klick here: ABRC

Note: The A2B charger is not suitable for any modern European vehicle or any vehicle equipped with an advanced ECU. For suitable products - look to the range of Regenerative Braking Friendly devices – the Battery to Battery Charger.

Matching your alternator system to the correct unit:
The alternator to battery number refers to the maximum total amps the unit can be supplied with, for example the number (80) refers to the maximum alternator size, ie 80 amps or smaller. For twin alts simply add the 2 alts amperage together.
This is a 100% unique product, not available anywhere else in the world, and totally designed and conceived by Sterling in order to overcome all problems experienced now and anticipated in the future with standard advanced alternator regulators. This following explanation is to help understand what it does and where it should be used and should not in any way be taken to demean any of the other charging products we manufacture.

Alternator Regulator or Alternator to Battery Charger?
We are frequently asked this question. For an in depth reason to choose the A2B over the alternator regulator. We recommend that you refer to our FAQ page. Here we shall discuss the main differences, the time it takes to wire up, engine management systems and warranty voiding.
Put simply the Alternator to Battery charger can be more easily and speedily installed, it tends to avoid any engine management issues and shall not void your manufacturers warranty.

Delivery contains

  • Alternator to Battery Charger AB12160
  • Battery-Temperature sensor and Alternator-Temperature sensor

For further information, click here: FAQ Seite

Technical Details:

  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Input current: max. 160A
  • Output current: 0-160A, depending on Input current and Boost Factor
  • Efficiency:  95 - 83%, depending on Boost Factor
  • Charging Starter Battery: sufficient maintenance charge
  • Charging domestic / house battery: advanced 4-Stage IUoUo charging
  • 4 charging profiles for different battery types selectable
  • 10 Status-LED's
  • Battery Terminals: M8
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 250 x 180 x 70mm
  • Weight: 3,5kg
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