Multi-Panel-System for Camper / RV with large LCD Display, VPC-Jupiter with 100A Smart-Shunt

collating the most important functions and information in a user-friendly manner in one unit including battery monitor.

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Multi-Panel-System for Camper / RV with large LCD Display, VPC-Jupiter with internal battey monitor and shunt 100A

collating the most important functions and information in a user-friendly manner in one unit

for RV, camper, caravan, boat

The VOTRONIC Power Control (in short: VPC) is an innovative multi panel system for campers combining the most important functions and information in one unit in a user-friendly manner. The information is displayed on a bright graphics display with white illumination. The values are displayed in large size and can be recognized excellently, even at a great distance and with all lighting conditions. Coloured light-emitting diodes signalize the selected function at any time. The individual executions are distinguished by their range of functions, which is adapted to the specific requirements of the different vehicle types. While the version Jupiter leaves nothing to be desired regarding energy supply and levels, the execution Merkur is particularly recommended for more compact vehicles, which very often are not equipped with fixed tanks.

All units are equipped with at least one voltage display for the board and starter battery and with a terminal for an external relay as main switch. An audible alarm (beeper) at the panel, which can be switched off, as well as a visual indication on the display inform, if a value dropped below an adjustable energy threshold, and the main switch will be switched-off automatically in a few seconds to avoid deep discharge of the battery.


Battery Computer for board battery
(inclusive battery voltage for start battery)

  • Battery voltage in V
  • Battery current in A (+ = charging / – = discharging)
  • Battery capacity in Ah and %
  • Remaining time in h until the programmed switching off threshold
Tank Level Indicator in %
for the fresh water and sewage water tank
Haupt Main Switch Function for board supply
via terminal 1A (e.g. via Part No. BP1224V100A)
Pumpe Main Switch for Fresh Water Pump
max. 16A (potential free output)
Solar Solar-Computer
  • Instantaneous solar power in W
  • Instantaneous solar current in A
  • Charged solar capacity in Ah
  • Charged solar energy  in kWh
  • Suitable for all VOTRONIC
    Solar charger after 2014
Temp Thermometer/Clock (only Jupiter)
  • Inside /outside temperature in °C
  • Time in 24 hours format
  • OPTION: Radio conrolled clock by using a separate DCF Modul (Article-No. 2062).
Dual USB charging socket
5 V / 2.5 A

Please note, there are different Shunt versions available:

  • 100A (this item here) for up to 1200W pwer (12V system, 24V * 2)
  • 200A for up to 2400W pwer (12V system, 24V * 2)
  • 400A for up to 4800W pwer (12V system, 24V * 2)

Different versions available:
The version offered here 'Jupiter' contains the full equipment as shown above. Alternatively, the control center is available in execution 'Terra' and 'Merkur'.
Version Terra: like Jupiter, however, without  the clock, without temperature display (indoor and outdoor temperature)
Version Merkur: like Jupiter but without level indicator and Main switch for pump

Display lighting:
The illumination of the display switches automatically when a pressure on any key. She walks at the main switch after 30 minutes automatically. When switched off the main switch, the lighting goes out after 30 seconds to avoid unnecessary load on a possibly empty battery.
The lighting can also be switched off manually prematurely by briefly pressing the main switch (see figure at left).
The brightness of the LEDs is coupled to the illumination of the display. If the display is dark, the LEDs are dimmed to a minimum.

Alarm and Battery protector:
The control center has an audible alarm (beeper), which triggers an alarm at a low voltage of the board battery. A triggered alarm can be acknowledged by a simple button-press. The alarm is an indication of a fall below the cut-off threshold (deep discharge).
To alert the user that the main switch off automatically in a few seconds because almost empty board battery. In addition to the audible alarm, the 'CHARGE' icon appears on the display.
After automatic switch off can be as usual switched on manually by the user. In addition, a reclosing threshold be set, above which the main switch turns on again automatically.
Appropriate adjustments can be made for using the menu:
- Board-battery shutdown threshold undervoltage in V
- Board battery switch-in V
- Enable / disable audible alarm

Connection options:

  • tank sensor fresh water (available as an option, see below)
  • tank sensor gray water (available as an option, see below)
  • tank sensor black water (available as an option, see below)
  • temperature sensor inside (included)
  • temperature sensor outside (included)
  • relay switch for water pump (max. 16A)
  • Main Switch Function for board supply via terminal 1A (e.g. via Part No. BP1224V100A)
  • sense wire starting battery
  • sense wire board battery
  • DCF-radio clock module (optional available)

Display options:

  • voltage starting battery
  • voltage board battery
  • current board battery
  • capacity board batterie in AH and %
  • solar current in A
  • solar power in W
  • charged solar capacity in Ah
  • charged solar power in kWh
  • clock (24h format)
  • level fresh water tank in %
  • level sewage water tank in %
  • Inside temperature in °C
  • outside temperature in °C

Depending on the requirements one of the follwing VOTRONIC Measuring Sensors can be used:

Scope of delivery:

  • VPC Jupiter Display and Control Panel
  • Smart-Shunt 100A
  • Grounding strap 25mm²
  • 2 pcs. temperature sensors (inside and outside)
  • 2pcs. 6-pole Modular Cable, 5 m length (for connection with Votronic solar charge controller since 2014 and Smart-Shunt)
  • 4pcs. fastening screws
  • 2pcs. connection terminals
  • Drilling jig
  • Of course you also get from us an instruction manual in English

Further help you can find here: FAQ

  • Nominal voltage board battery: 12V DC
  • Operating Voltage Range: 8 - 16V DC
  • Nominal voltage starter battery: 12V / 24V DC
  • Operating Voltage Range: 8 - 35V DC
  • Current Consumption: 13 - 60mA, depending on illumination
  • Display: LC-Display LC Display with specific segments, legible with and without illumination, Membrane Keyboard with LED Background Illumination
  • Presentation Surface: 49 x 28mm
  • Illumination: white LED
  • Dimensions (mm): 200 x 75 x 28
  • Assembly Dimensions Opening Electronic System (mm): ca. 185 x 57
  • Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air: max. 95 % RH, no condensation
  • Weight: ca. 675g



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