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Battery to Battery charger 30A + Mains charger 20A + MPPT solar charge controller 250Wp
Battery to Battery charger 30A + Mains charger 20A + MPPT solar charge controller 250Wp

Battery to Battery charger 30A + Mains charger 20A + MPPT solar charge controller 250Wp

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B2B Charger 30A + Mains charger 20A + MPPT charge controller 250Wp

combined in one unit, Series VBCS Triple

designer for Camping Car, Caravan, Expedition, RV, Motor home

The creation of the Battery Charger VBCS Triple is a completely new unit combination consisting of a Mains Charger Pb, a Charging Converter VCC and a Solar Controller MPP, which ensures the energy supply in the camper. The batteries will always be charged automatically, regardless if during driving or at the parking lot. Particularly the amply dimensioned charging capacity of the integrated charging converter of 45A ensures battery charging with full charging current, even at short distances, and that it is fully charged at the destination.

Regarding quality, equipment and functions, the series VBCS Triple is identical to the VOTRONIC individual units, and it distinguishes itself by the particularly compact and lightweight design. The units extremely contribute to cost saving and help to gain valuable space in the camper. Acquisition, installation, cabling and connection wiring are reduced to a minimum in order to conserve valuable resources.

Designed for well-established battery sizes, three different unit combinations are available. All units are equipped with 8 characteristic lines of charging for lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries, as well as - future-proof - for Lithium LiFePO4 batteries. The integrated battery trainer keeps the board batteries ready for operation during extended stop periods.

A optional LCD display and control panel, which had been developed specifically for this charging unit, indicates all important unit information. Furthermore, the charger can be adapted to the energy supply of the parking lot.

Back contact relay for EBL (Schaudt), optional
An additional back contact relay with bottom contact is required for installation at an existing Schaudt "Elektroblock" (EBL). The relay you can find here.

1 „Gel“: Charging Program for Gel Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2
Adapted to closed, gas-tight gel/dryfit batteries with determined electrolyte, which are generally requiring a higher charging voltage level and longer dwell times U1 to achieve short charging times with particularly high capacity storage and to avoid total discharge. Also recommended for EXIDE MAXXIMA a high-current battery in AGM filament technology.
2 „AGM“: Charging Program for AGM/Fleece Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2
Adapted to charging closed, gas-tight AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries and batteries in lead-fleece technology requiring a particularly high level U1 with adapted dwell times for full charging and after that a moderate level U2 for trickle charge (round cell and plate technology).
3 „DIN 0510“: Charging Program for Lead, Acid/Lead-Acid Batteries, Characteristic Line IU1oU2
General characteristic line DIN for charging and conservation to charge of open and closed lead storage batteries with removable cell plugs and possibility of acid level control and acid level correction (maintenance). Also suitable for recently developed, closed battery types (low-antimonous, with lead-silver alloy, calcium etc.) with low and very low water consumption.
Allows short charging times with high level U1, high charging factor and high acid mixing, even during stationary application (acid accumulation) of "wet" drive, lighting, solar, heavy duty and standard batteries.
4 „UNIVERSAL“: Charging Program for Lead, Acid/Lead-Acid Batteries: Characteristic Line IU1oU2oU3
Universal program for charging and conservation of charge of acid batteries in vehicles (mixed operation mobile/stationary). Still offers short charging times, good charging factor and good acid mixing with average level U1 for open and closed, low-maintenance, maintenance-free standard, drive, lighting, solar and heavy duty batteries.

Delivery contains:

  • VBCS 30/20/250 Triple Charger
  • Mains cable
  • 1 x temperature sensor
  • user manual

Further information you can find here: FAQ

Technical Details:

 Nominal Operating Voltage Range (AC) in [V] 110 - 230 / 45 - 65 Hz worldwide
 Operating Voltage Range (AC) in [V] 100 - 265 (Full Charging Capacity)
 Max. Power Consumption (AC) in [W] 360
 Charging Capacity Board-/Starter Battery max. [A] 20.0 / 4.0
 Mains Detection/Switching Output for Motor locking yes
 Power Limit Function yes
 12 V / 12 V B2B Charging Converter Operation  
 Charging Capacity Board-Battery max. [A] 30
 Automatic Activation D+ / Ignition yes
 Starter Battery/Alternator Voltage Range (Euro 6) in [V] / max. Current [A]  10.5 - 16.0 / 63
 Max. Current Limit II max. in [A] (adjustable) 25
 MPP Solar Charging Controller Operation  
 Capacity Solar Module (Pmax) in [Wp] 50 - 250
 Current Solar Module max.  [A] 15.0
 Voltage Solar Module (Voc) max. [V] 28
 Charging Current Board/Starter Battery max. [A] 18 / 4.0
 Terminal AES Refrigerator yes
 Nominal Voltage [V] / Capacity min. [Ah] recommendable 12  / > 60
 Bord-Battery, IU1oU2oU3  
 Nominal Voltage Lead-Acid / LiFePO4 [V] 12 / 12.8 - 13.3
 Battery Capacity, adjustable [Ah] 45 - 280
 Mounting Position of Unit any
 Temperature Range [°C] -20 to +45
 Protection Class/System of Protection IP 21
 Dimensions (WxDxH) in [mm] - Dimensions incl. mounting flanges, without connections 217 x 85 x 250
 Weight [g] 2.700
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air: max. 95% RH, No Condensation

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