Battery charger 12 V: always enough energy in the motorhome

Once you arrive at the campsite or at home, you need to replenish the energy reserves that may not have been replenished by the alternator during the journey. It is also possible to compensate for the consumption of active consumers. The most important task of the charger, however, is to supply the battery/s with the

charging characteristic curve matched to the battery type in each case and to guide them through the various charging stages until they reach the trickle charge. This is a guarantee for a long battery life. The various models in the FraRon online store differ primarily in terms of their charging capacity. The higher the charging current, the faster a battery is fully charged. But be careful: Certain rules must be observed here as well! The principle is also reflected in the price, which is why we carry a whole range of battery chargers with 12 V and 24 V from 5 to 100 A.

Extend battery life with a high-quality motorhome charger

Many chargers that are factory-integrated into motorhomes are often poorly suited to the type of battery installed. This is because the charging characteristic curve and the stored charging voltages are not correctly matched to the energy storage device. This often results in premature capacity loss and failure after just one or two years. We therefore recommend that you invest in modern charging technology that offers the possibility of selecting the charging characteristic curve that is suitable for the respective supply battery type. As a result, you not only benefit immediately from a truly fully charged battery and shorter charging time. The battery life is also extended by charging technology with 12 V, which takes into account the characteristics of the accumulator.

Advantages and features of modern 12 V battery chargers

Victron Energy's modern 12 V battery chargers in our range are ultra-high efficiency, achieving efficiencies of up to 94 percent. This means that they generate extremely little heat. Furthermore, power consumption during trickle charging drops to less than 0.5 W, which is many times lower than the industry standard. The IUoU battery chargers in IP65 design operate very quietly and are absolutely safe. Neither dust nor water nor chemicals can penetrate the housings. Should the temperature rise sharply during the charging process, the 'overheating protection reduces the output current and thus keeps the 12 V charger ready for operation. Caravanning fans who want to head off to the far north in their motorhome need not worry about the power supply, as the units are capable of operating down to -30°C. Depending on the model, the 12 V or 24 V battery chargers can be paired with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. 'Via the Victron Connect app, the charging technology and the battery can be monitored, adjusted and some functions can be controlled.

The battery chargers with 12 V of our own brand FraRon we have developed for the requirements that are made today in the field of yachts, boats, cars, camping and caravans. Two charging outputs allow you to charge two separate battery banks, for example starter and consumer battery, at the same time. The devices are equipped with the three-stage IUoU charging characteristic, which means that the batteries are charged quickly, completely and safely. When connected to the mains, the 12 V battery charger supplies power to all connected consumers and uses the remaining available charging current for battery charging. For installation, we supply the necessary installation accessories such as mounting screws and battery cables. If you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you and support you with our installation service.

What is the IUoU charging characteristic?

The IUoU charging method is used by all modern 12 V battery chargers as well as charge boosters. The device recognizes when the nominal charging voltage has been reached and automatically switches to the next charging stages. In this way, it counteracts the self-discharge of the battery without stressing it with excessive charging voltages. IUoU automatic chargers are particularly safe and protect the energy storage system. The optimal charging result has a positive effect on the battery, increasing its life expectancy.

For which types of batteries are 12 V battery chargers suitable?

The battery chargers offered at FraRon are suitable for all battery types such as open and closed lead-acid supply batteries, AGM supply batteries, GEL supply batteries and, of course, the new lithium batteries. However, it is important that you set the appropriate battery type directly on the 12 V battery charger. There is usually a slide switch for this. For the models with Bluetooth, the settings can be made conveniently via app. If you have any further questions about our products, just give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to be there for you and advise you around the electrics in the motorhome!

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