Battery discharge protection: indispensable battery monitor.

The battery discharge protection has the task of protecting the supply battery in the motor home from the harmful deep discharge. To do this, it continuously monitors the battery voltage. This is why the terms battery deep discharge protection and battery monitor are also commonly used. At the same time, the component prevents consumers from being damaged by undervoltage or overvoltage. Controlled externally with an optional switch, the battery discharge protector also serves as a

Battery master switch. Here in the FraRon online store you will find battery monitors for 12 and 24 volt systems as well as different amperages. They are suitable for use with all lead-acid battery types such as WET, AGM or GEL, as well as lithium batteries (based on total voltage). Some models have Bluetooth so that battery monitor settings can be conveniently made from a smartphone or tablet.

How does the battery deep discharge protection work?

To counteract deep discharge, the battery monitor constantly checks the current voltage of the battery. If it threatens to drop below the set value, the battery discharge protection disconnects the loads from the battery in good time, thus ensuring that no damage is caused to the energy storage device. If the component is connected to the starter battery, the focus is on ensuring that there is still sufficient energy to start the engine. For this purpose, preset switch-off points can be selected on the battery deep discharge protection. The voltage profiles are programmed in such a way that the battery protection switches itself on or off automatically at different voltages. At the same time, the self-consumption of the component is extremely low.

Why is a deep discharge harmful to lead batteries?

Consumers should never be connected directly to the battery in the motor home to prevent them from being supplied with power indefinitely - until the battery is completely deep discharged. This is because lead-acid batteries can be permanently damaged by even a single deep discharge (cell voltages below 1.8 V), which is associated with a loss of capacity and corrosion of the electrodes. In both open and closed lead-acid batteries, the acid density decreases during a deep discharge, while the temperature increases. This causes plate corrosion and irreversible hardening of the active mass, which can result in short circuits. Both GEL supply batteries and AGM supply batteries can survive a brief deep discharge if they are fully charged immediately afterwards. However, repeated deep discharges and storage in a deep-discharged state will permanently damage the battery.

Installation of the battery monitor

A battery discharge protector must always be installed in the vehicle electrical system between the supply battery and the loads. Even though the Victron Energy products in our range are designed to be splash-proof, they should not be permanently exposed to moisture to prevent cable connections from corroding. Also, do not expose them to extreme heat or strong vibrations. A sufficiently large cross-section of the connection cables is very important. To keep voltage losses as low as possible, the cable resistance must be small. If you are missing the right cable in the right length with the appropriate connection, our individual cable assembly will help you. For the installation of the battery discharge protection, you also need a fuse that is oriented to the maximum current of the component. Choose a well-ventilated place so that the heat does not accumulate. FraRon's experts will be happy to assist you with the installation service!

Does battery deep discharge protection make sense in a motor home?

In the motorhome, the battery deep discharge protection is one of the indispensable components of the vehicle electrics. Because with it, you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn off an electrical device. The supply battery cannot be completely discharged or drop to a critical voltage, because the battery monitor disconnects the consumers from the energy source at the right moment. Since it is especially important when traveling with a motorhome to economize on energy reserves and not waste electricity, it makes sense to purchase a battery discharge protector. We will be happy to answer your questions and are available for consultation. Just give us a call!

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