Battery monitor: So you don't run out of energy

You've been waiting at the campsite for a day longer than planned in the hope of better weather - and then it happens: the light goes out, the refrigerator gets warm and the TV fails to work. The reason: the on-board battery is completely empty and can no longer supply its consumers with energy. To prevent this catastrophe from happening,

it is important to always know how much power the battery can still supply. The battery monitor is the best and only reliable instrument for this. It determines during operation how much energy is still available to you from the on-board battery.

How the battery monitor works

Battery monitors are also known as battery computers and are one of the important components of a comprehensive Battery management systems. The device works via a shunt (resistor) which, attached directly to the supply battery, measures incoming and outgoing currents. From this, the battery monitor calculates the current state of charge, the Ah already consumed and the remaining runtime. The respective battery type can be set on the battery monitor, so that it can monitor all common batteries - whether lead-acid, GEL, AGM or lithium - can be monitored and evaluated. Since the current measurement is very accurate , the battery monitor can also be used to identify faults in the electrical system in the motorhome, which are caused by silent consumers, for example.

What the battery computer displays

With a battery monitor you can see all the parameters of the battery at any time and monitor the reserves. Depending on the model of the battery computer , various values can be read on the display. These include, among others:

  • State of charge in percent
  • Consumed capacity
  • Voltage
  • Time to go
  • discharge current
  • charge current

Some variants are additionally equipped with a monitoring and alarm function for a second Battery . Pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth is also possible. This way, the data displayed on the monitor can be transferred directly to a mobile device and is not only available on the computer itself.

Installation and retrofitting

Even though the electrical system in the motor home is becoming increasingly complex, a practical tool such as the battery monitor is easy to retrofit and can be installed not only in the new caravan. So that you can install the device in your motorhome or your boat without any problems, you can get the matching surface-mounted housings - if required - in the FraRon online store. The measuring shunt must be looped into the negative ground line of the supply battery. Then it works in such a way that it considers several batteries connected in parallel as one battery. So if you use more than one on-board battery, you have to enter the total Ah in the settings, because the battery monitor monitors all of them as one unit.

Find the right battery monitor for the motorhome

At FraRon, you can get different battery monitors that are precisely tailored to the needs in the motorhome. The renowned manufacturers Victron Energy and Votronic focus on simple and fast programming and useful functions. For example, the popular BMV-700 visual and audible alarms are available. In addition, history values can be used to construct history data and usage patterns, which can also be transferred to a computer via USB interface. The consumption of the battery monitor itself is very low (4 mA at 12 V, 3 mA at 24 V).

Do you have any questions about the battery monitors in our range or may we help you with our professional Installation service ? Call us at +49 (0)6024 6341 560  and let our experts advise you. We are looking forward to you!

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