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105Wp Solar panel mobil KVM 105-12 foldable, Solar Swiss

Portable and foldable solar module, ideal for mobile use.

Item number KVM110-12

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für KFZ, Boot, Camping, Outdoor, Caravan, Haus, Garten, Freizeit

Solar panel mobile KVM 110-12 is a unique foldable portable PV solar panel which has an extremely high power output of 105W. The advantage of such a PV solar panel is that one does not require permanent installation of the solar panel but it´s still possible to charge a 12V battery with solar power any time. The connection cable with its 6m length prevents the panel to be placed in shadows. Thanks to a special plug connecting and separating system the solar panel KVM 110-12 is foldable within a few seconds.

Foldable design, low weight and high power are used in the field of campers, camping, boat, hunting lodge, Garden, expedition, hiking and camping. You can always unfold the foldable solar panel in the sun and fold it into a portable bag after use. Because we produce the solar panels, we have the opportunity to exactly adjust any other component.

Please note that we only produce monocrystalline solar panels in our production. The power decrease of monocrystalline Solar panels is much lower than that of polycrystalline- or Slim panel (CIS) and the efficiency of monocrystalline photovoltaic panels is higher. All of our photovoltaic panels are equipped with an ingenious bypass diode system. The solar system mobile KVM 110-12 is for a long time efficient so it can supply dependably power. Modern manufacturing techniques and a certified quality management guarantee optimum product quality.

Delivery contains:

  • 110Wp Solar panel foldable, KVM 110-12

Further help you can find here: FAQ

  • Maximum power (Pmax): 110Wp
  • Max. deviation von Pmpp: -0% / +5%
  • Maximum power point voltage (Umpp): 19,44 V
  • Open cicuit voltage (Uoc): 23 V
  • Short circuit current (Isc): 5,67A
  • Module efficency: 20%
  • Temp. coeff. Pmpp (%/K): -0,37
  • Temp. coeff. I sc (%/K): +0,033
  • Temp. coeff. Uoc (%/K): -0,24
  • Max. System voltage: 48V
  • Connecting cable (mm2): 2,5
  • Connecting cable length: approx. 6m
  • Bypass diodes: 2pcs.
  • Module length folded: 460mm
  • Module width folded: 550mm
  • Module height folded: 40mm
  • Modul length unfolded: 1355mm
  • Module width unfolded: 550mm
  • Module height unfolded: 10mm
  • Weight approx.: 5kg
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