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Battery to Battery charger 20A 12v, Charging Converter VCC 1212-20 C

Designed for operation at a 13-pole trailer connector for caravan and living compartments

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Optimale Aufladung der Versorgungsbatterien währen der Fahrt mit 20A

konstruiert für Wohnwagen, Pick-up Kabinen oder kleine Batteriekapazitäten

Fully automatic charging converter (booster), B2B Battery to Battery charger for optimum charging of the battery in the living area during driving. Designed for operation at a 13-pole trailer connector for caravan andliving compartments.

The unit is primarily designed for operation at the 13-pole trailer connectorof the towing vehicle for charging of the caravan battery. Its automatic control ensures, that the rating of the connector and the vehicle's electric system in front of it (12 V / max. 20 Amperes) will not be exceeded. The efficiency of the unit results from this aspect.

The unit is installed in the caravan, in the living compartment. It supplies the optimum charging voltage for the battery -independently of the vehicle's board voltage fluctuations or voltage losses of cables/connectors.

This is realized by 4adjustable charging programsIU1oU2 for conventional lead-acid, gel, AGM batteries or advanced Lithium LiFePO4 supply batteries. They allow unattended, quick and gentle full charging from any charging state with subsequent trickle charging.

Depending on the driving condition, the voltage of modern EURO standard 6, 6 + plus-vehicles with energy-saving, intelligent generators fluctuates considerably (12.6 V ... 15.5 V). These fluctuations are now completely equalized by the charging converter to ensure uniform charging of the BOARD battery and protection of the 12 V consumers, which are connected to that battery.

Due to the higher charging current rates, which are now possible, shorter charging times and fully charged batteries are achieved, even with conventional generators and long connection cables.


Product advantages:

  • The efficient charging converter ensures high charging capacity, already within short distances.
  • Full charging when driving longer distancesIt increases/reduces the voltage to the level, which is required for precise charging of the board battery with the optimum charging characteristic line.
  • Cable losses and considerable voltage fluctuations of the generator, known from Euro 6 vehicles (intelligent alternators), are completely compensated.
  • The charging converters excel by their compact design, low weight (high-frequency switch mode technology) and powerfully dimensioned power components for safe operation.
  • The energy balance of the board battery is considerably improved, without intervention into the starter circuit.
  • The simultaneously supplied 12 V consumer loads are protected against overvoltage and voltage fluctuations.
  • The charging voltage is free from peaks and is controlled in such a way, that overcharging of the batteries is excluded.
  • Fully Automatic Operation: The unit is permanently connected to the batteries, and it is automatically activated by the running generator of the vehicle. Battery discharge in case of an engine stop is avoided.
  • Parallel and Floating Operation: In case of simultaneous consumption, the battery will either continue to be charged or maintained via trickle charging. Calculation and control of the adaptation of the charging times is effected automatically by the unit.
  • Unattended Charging: Multiple protection against overload, overheating, overvoltage, short circuit, incorrect behaviour and back discharge of the battery by electronically controlled gradual reduction down to complete separation of unit and battery.
  • Integrated On-board Mains Suppression Filter: Unproblematic parallel operation of charging sources (EBL, chargers, motor-driven and petrol-driven generators, solar systems) on one battery.
  • Charging Cable Compensation: Automatic compensation of voltage losses on the charging cables.
  • Connection for Battery Temperature Sensor (included in the standard delivery scope): Lead batteries (acid, gel, AGM): In case of low outside temperatures, full charging of the weak battery is improved by automatic adaptation of the charging voltage to the battery temperature, and in case of summery temperatures unnecessary battery gassing will be avoided. LiFePO4 Batteries: Battery protection in case of high temperatures and particularly in case of low temperatures < 0° C. Highly recommended, if the battery temperature might drop below 0 °C during operation.
  • Charging Aid for Deeply Discharged Lead Batteries: Gentle preliminary charging of the (lead-acid, gel, AGM) battery to 8 V, followed by powerful support of the battery, in case of possibly switched-on consumers.

Delivery contains:

  • B2B20Vo1212V Battery-to-Battery charger/ charging booster, Votronic 3321
  • Battery temperature sensor825

Optional accessories:

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Input from the vehicle starter battery "+ IN Start"
Vehicle Starter Battery Nominal Voltage 12 V
Min. Battery Capacity (Size), recommended 36Ah
Input Voltage Range (EURO 6+), D+, controlled 10.5 ‐ 16.5 V
Input Overvoltage Disconnection (EURO 6+), max. 16.5 V
Power Consumption max. 300 W
Current Draw (at lowest input voltage) max. 0.05 A ‐ 20 A (max)
Activation Control Input "D+", from D+, Terminal 15, Ignition 8 ‐ 17 V / < 1 mA
Charging Port at the Board Supply Battery "+ OUT Board"  
Charging/Floating/Load Curr., controlled, IU1oU2, Lead, LiFePO 0 A ‐ approx. 24 A (0 A - 15 A *)
Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM Batteries Nominal Voltage 12 V
     Capacity (Battery Size), recommended / up to 50-160 / 200 Ah
     Lead Charging Programs Stored in the Memory 3
     Prelim. Charg. Current (Deeply Discharged Batt. <8 V) max. 15 A
     Safety Charging Voltage at Battery Overtemperature 12.80 V
LiFePO4 Battery Nominal Voltage 12 V (12.8 -13.3  V)
     Capacity (Battery Size), recommended / up to 50‐160 / 200 Ah
     LiFePO4 Charging Programs Stored in the Memory 1
     Safety Charging Voltage at Battery Overtemperature 12.80 V
Recharging Branch, Charging/Trickle Charging for 12 V STARTER Battery  
from the BOARD Battery (such as with Mains Charging of the BOARD Battery) 12 V / 0 - 1 A
Active at Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM, BOARD Battery Voltage ON: > 13.1 V, OFF: < 13.0 V
Active at LiFePO4 Board Battery Voltage ON: > 13.5 V, OFF: < 13.4 V
Input "TS TS" for Battery Temperature Sensor "BOARD" yes
Quiescent Current, Standby  3 ... 7 mA
Charging Timer 3-fold
Ripple Factor Voltage < 30 mV rms
Limit of Charging Voltage "+OUT BOARD" (Load Protection) 15.00 V
Safety Protection against Short-circuit/Back Discharge yes
Fitting Position of Unit any
Temperature Range ‐20 to 45°C
Speed-controlled, Temperature-controlled Fan yes
Gradual Reduction of Charging Capacity at Overtemperature yes
Safety Disconnection in Case of Overheating yes
Dimensions, incl. Fastening Flanges and Terminals (LxWxH) 146 x 67 x 40 mm
Weight 280 g
Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air: max. 95 % RH, no condensation
Delivery Scope: Temperature Sensor, Manual  

* "Power Limit" or "Limit" function, temporary reduction of charging current, available with connection of a Remote Control No. 2076 or No. 1248.)

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